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Cabelas 1 HP Commercial Grade Meat Grinder

I own a Cabelas Commercial Grade 1 HP food grinder which, in my opinion, is a great investment for the DIY-er wanting to make meat products at home. Doing so not only can save money, but it also gives you greater control over the quality and content of the meat products you consume. It is a reliable, durable and easy to clean unit. Because Cabelas uses top-notch components, you can count on years of service with proper care of the equipment. With 10 to 12 pounds-per-minute processing capacity, your processing time is substantially reduced.

I use my grinder mainly for game meat processing. I have put it to the test when making burger by intentionally leaving silver skin and tendon tissue on the meat before grinding. I wanted to see if it would separate the ground chuck from the waste product. I was not let down. The burger, which happened to be Oryx, was as lean as any commercially processed burger you could find at the local grocers chuck bin, if not leaner. There was no sign of silver skin or tendon tissue in the burger.

I always start my grinding sessions by using the larger 22# 7mm grinding plate. My pieces of meat are usually cubed  2″ square. They seem to run effortlessly down the auger tube and through the grinding plate  with ease. Because I was testing the grinder capability, I found I was having to stop about every 2.5 to 3 pounds to clean out the silver skin and tissue [to be expected]. In most cases, this tissue is removed during the de-boning phase of dressing the animal.

This grinder chugged right through the process without skipping a beat! In most cases, the second and third passes through the smaller 22# 4.5mm grinder-plate resulted in little to no waste tissue in the auger tube. Three step-grinding is the norm for me and my family and we’ve yet to come across any “hard” or “chewy” ground meat product.

The grinder comes complete with a sausage stuffing tube kit. Has extremely easy to clean “stainless components” and packs a five-year warranty [best I could find at the time of purchase and I believe still holds true today]. The 1 HP models [and larger] come with a “reverse” drive unit. Several attachments are available for the unit as well!

I am EXTREMELY pleased with this purchase and give it a big thumbs up!

“Kudo’s” to Cabelas for offering s superior quality product!