Conversion: Cylinder Heads, Cylinders and Piston Removal.

Welcome to part 3 of this rebuild. To visit the previous step in the tear down, visit Conversion: Rocker Arm Support Plate Removal. To start from the beginning, click 13′ FLSTFB Conversion to CVO 110“!

We start today by removing the Rocker Housing which is mounted to the top of each cylinder head. Remove the six 7/16″ head Rocker Housing bolts then lift the Rocker Housing off, clean and set aside.

Next step: removing the rear cylinder head. Four 12-point 1/2″ head bolts are all that hold the head onto the cylinder. Once removed the head simply pulls off and is removed from the engine.

Next, with the aid of a helper, gently lift the cylinder off of the piston. Be sure to support the piston (by the connecting rod) to prevent it from falling onto the cylinder studs. I happen to also keep four 1/2″ ID 6” long pieces of rubber hose to install over each of the 4 cylinder studs to prevent damage to them or their threads.

Next we’ll remove the Piston Wrist Pin Cir-Clip. Again, be certain all openings to the engine are covered or closed off. A cir-clip in the crankcase means a lucky score using a magnet or a complete engine tear down. The cir-clip can be easily removed using a pocket screw driver and a pair of needle-nose pliers. They get replaced with new parts in the kit which includes a new wrist pin as well.

Once completed, tear down the front cylinder same as the one we just performed.

Above we see the top end completely removed.

Next will be Timing Component Removal.

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