Ruger New Bisley Vaquero

Just picked up a new “Ruger New Bisley Vaquero” in 357 MAG and it is awesome. This is my first “Bisley” and I have to say it is a perfect fit to my hand. I had been looking for a Bisley for months because I was drawn to the Bisley grip and swept back hammer. I was a bit concerned that it wouldn’t feel like my other SAA’s but I was happily wrong.

I have many other SAA’s in 45 Colt so I opted for this one in 357 MAG so I could shoot my 38 handloads in it and am very pleased with the results. I found the gun to be very accurate even after shooting several hundred 38’s in it and the barrel got barely warm [mind you it was a 40 degree morning].

I dressed her up a bit in grips by Esmeralda and have attached several pix. Esmeralda’s grips are beautiful and are worth looking into.


  1. I wish to purchase one of these Ruger pistols. Are they for sale? Send me an email and let’s get in touch. Tx. DK!

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